Understanding the Tennis Court Installation Cost with Pacecourt

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tennis court material, tennis court builders, tennis court construction, tennis court manufacturer, tennis court construction cost

When planning to build a tennis court, understanding the various cost components is essential for budgeting and decision-making. Pacecourt, with over 11 years of experience in sports flooring, provides not only high-quality materials but also expert guidance in estimating the tennis court installation cost. Their range of products and extensive dealer network makes them a reliable source for those looking to understand the cost of building a tennis court.

Breakdown of Tennis Court Construction Cost

Pacecourt offers a range of materials essential for tennis court construction, each with its pricing. Here’s a detailed look at the costs:

  • Pacecourt Concrete Primer: Rs. 150/Kgs
    • Essential for preparing the base surface, ensuring adhesion, and longevity of the court surface.
  • Pacecourt Acrylic Resurfacer: Rs. 128/Kgs
    • A foundational layer that helps in smoothing the court surface and preparing it for the cushion coats.
  • Pacecourt Cushion Coat: Rs. 128/Kgs
    • Provides a cushioned layer for player comfort and safety, crucial for a high-quality tennis court.
  • Pacecourt Acrylic Color: Rs. 168/Kgs
    • Offers a durable, vibrant finish to the court surface, available in customizable colors for personalization.
  • Pacecourt  Line Marking: Rs. 199/Kgs
    • For precise and durable court line markings, ensuring compliance with standard tennis court dimensions.
  • Pacecourt  Silica Sand: Rs. 12/kgs
    • Used in the top layers for texture and slip resistance, enhancing the playability of the court.

Total Price to Build a Tennis Court

The total tennis court construction cost will depend on several factors:

  • Size of the Court: A standard tennis court measures 78 feet by 36 feet for doubles, requiring different amounts of materials based on this dimension.
  • Labor Costs: While Pacecourt provides the materials, their network of 200+ dealers can assist with installation. The labor costs will vary depending on the location and complexity of the project.
  • Additional Requirements: Costs can also vary depending on additional features like fencing, lighting, or custom color choices.

Pacecourt’s Role in Tennis Court Installation

While Pacecourt does not directly install courts, their expert team can handle every query regarding materials and guide you in connecting with experienced dealers for installation. Their ability to customize color options and provide a range of essential materials at specified rates makes them a go-to source for understanding the tennis court installation cost.


Calculating the price to build a tennis court involves a thorough assessment of various factors, including the cost of essential materials, labor expenses, and potential customizations. With Pacecourt’s extensive experience in the sports flooring industry and their diverse range of products, customers are provided with a reliable basis for estimating these costs. By collaborating with Pacecourt’s network of over 200 dealers, clients can gain a comprehensive understanding of the project’s requirements and ensure an efficient and effective execution of their tennis court construction, leading to a well-informed estimate of the total price to build the court.

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