how to farm revives mcoc


In the mobile game “Marvel Contest of Champions” (MCOC), revives are valuable items that allow you to revive your champions during battles. They can be obtained through various means in the game. Here are some tips on how to farm revives in MCOC:

  1. Participate in Events and Quests:
    • MCOC frequently offers special events, quests, and storylines that provide revives as rewards. Keep an eye on the Event Quests, Special Events, and Story Quests sections for opportunities to earn revives.
  2. Alliance Quests and Alliance Wars:
    • Join an active alliance and participate in Alliance Quests and Alliance Wars. These activities often provide alliance members with revive items as milestone or rank rewards. The higher the alliance’s rank, the better the rewards.
  3. Daily Quests and Special Events:
    • Daily Quests, such as the “Class Catalyst Quests” and “Event Quests,” occasionally feature revive items as completion and exploration rewards. Complete these quests daily to accumulate revives over time.
  4. Arena Crystals:
    • Arena Crystals, earned through participating in Arena battles, have a chance to drop revives. Collect Arena crystals and open them regularly to get revives along with other rewards.
  5. Purchase with Units:
    • Units are an in-game currency in MCOC that you can earn by completing quests and events. Visit the in-game store and check the “Consumables” section to purchase revives using units.
  6. Alliance Gift Crystals:
    • Occasionally, alliance gifting events may reward players with alliance gift crystals. These crystals often contain valuable items, including revives.
  7. Special Quests and Challenges:
    • Keep an eye out for special quests and challenges that may offer revives as rewards. These quests are typically time-limited, so complete them while they are available.
  8. Calendar and Daily Login Rewards:
    • Log in daily to collect calendar and daily login rewards. Sometimes, revives are included as part of these rewards.
  9. Solo Events and Objectives:
    • Check the solo objectives and events for any that offer revives as milestones or rewards. Completing these objectives can earn you additional revives.
  10. Participate in Alliance Events:
    • Many alliance events, such as Alliance Quests and Alliance Wars, offer alliance-wide rewards. Encourage your alliance to perform well in these events to earn more revives for everyone.
  11. Use Resources Wisely:
    • Revives are valuable, so use them strategically. Consider saving them for difficult content or challenging fights, such as quest bosses or Alliance Wars.

Remember that the availability of revives may vary depending on the current in-game events and quests. Be patient and persistent in your efforts to farm revives, and always strive to improve your champions’ skills and performance to reduce the need for revives during battles.

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