how to farm mastery blox fruits


In the game “Blox Fruits” on the Roblox platform, farming mastery is essential for improving your character’s abilities and unlocking new skills. Mastery points are earned by using specific weapons or fighting styles against NPCs (Non-Player Characters) or players. Here’s a guide on how to farm mastery in Blox Fruits:

  1. Choose Your Weapon or Fighting Style:
    • Blox Fruits offers a variety of weapons and fighting styles, including swords, guns, and more. You can select one that suits your playstyle and preferences.
  2. Find NPCs or Players to Battle:
    • To farm mastery, you need to engage in combat. You can battle NPCs or other players to earn mastery points.
    • NPCs are scattered throughout the game world on different islands. Look for NPCs with various combat levels, as defeating higher-level NPCs generally grants more mastery points.
  3. Engage in Combat:
    • Approach an NPC or player you want to fight and use your chosen weapon or fighting style to attack. Keep in mind that each weapon or style has unique moves and abilities.
  4. Defeat Your Opponents:
    • Your goal is to defeat the NPCs or players you engage with. Deal damage using your weapon or fighting style until they are defeated.
  5. Collect Mastery Points:
    • After defeating an opponent, you will receive mastery points specific to the weapon or fighting style you used during the battle.
    • The mastery points will be added to your character’s mastery level for that particular weapon or fighting style.
  6. Repeat and Progress:
    • Continue battling NPCs or players to earn more mastery points. As you accumulate more points, your mastery level for that weapon or style will increase.
    • Higher mastery levels unlock new abilities and skills associated with the weapon or style you are using.
  7. Switch Weapons or Styles (Optional):
    • If you want to master multiple weapons or fighting styles, you can switch between them and repeat the process.
  8. Explore Different Islands:
    • Blox Fruits features multiple islands, each with its own set of NPCs and challenges. Exploring different islands may lead you to more powerful opponents and higher mastery point rewards.
  9. Join a Crew (Optional):
    • Consider joining a crew or team with other players. Crews can help you defeat tough opponents more easily and farm mastery points efficiently.
  10. Use Mastery Points Wisely:
    • As you earn mastery points, be sure to allocate them to the skills and abilities that suit your playstyle and preferences. This will help you become a more formidable character in the game.

Remember that the process of farming mastery in Blox Fruits may require time and effort, especially if you’re aiming for high mastery levels. It’s essential to enjoy the gameplay and gradually progress in the game. Additionally, game updates and balance changes may affect the mastery system, so staying informed about the latest developments is advisable.

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