how to factory reset geekvape aegis legend


Performing a factory reset on a GeekVape Aegis Legend is typically necessary when you want to reset all settings to their default values. Please note that this process is not a complete reset of the device; it mainly applies to settings like wattage, temperature control, and other user-defined preferences. It won’t erase firmware updates or lock settings. Here’s how to perform a factory reset:

Note: Before proceeding, ensure that your device is powered off.

  1. Access the Menu: To access the menu on the GeekVape Aegis Legend, you’ll need to press the “+” and “-” buttons simultaneously for a few seconds. This should take you to the menu.
  2. Navigate to Factory Reset: Use the “+” and “-” buttons to navigate through the menu options. Look for an option like “Factory Reset” or “Reset Settings.” The exact wording may vary depending on the firmware version.
  3. Select Factory Reset: Once you’ve highlighted the “Factory Reset” option, press the fire button (the button you use to vape) to confirm your selection.
  4. Confirm the Reset: You’ll likely be prompted to confirm the reset. Confirm it by selecting “Yes” or “Confirm.”
  5. Exit the Menu: After confirming the reset, exit the menu by pressing the fire button again.
  6. Power On the Device: Turn on your GeekVape Aegis Legend by pressing the fire button five times in quick succession.

Your device’s settings should now be reset to their default values. Keep in mind that a factory reset on a vaping device typically resets user-defined settings like wattage or temperature control. It does not erase firmware updates or lock settings, so you should still be able to use the device as intended.

If you have any specific questions or concerns about your GeekVape Aegis Legend, refer to the user manual that came with the device or contact GeekVape customer support for further assistance.

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