how to evolve pyramind


In Pokémon Radical Red, a popular ROM hack of Pokémon FireRed, “Pyramind” is a custom or fan-made Pokémon species with unique evolution requirements. To evolve Pyramind in Radical Red, follow these steps:

  1. Level Up Pyramind with a Moon Stone:
    • Pyramind evolves into its final form, “Pharaohm,” by leveling up while holding a Moon Stone. Make sure you have a Moon Stone in your bag.
  2. Give Pyramind a Moon Stone:
    • Open your bag, select the Moon Stone, and choose to “Use” it on Pyramind. This will cause Pyramind to hold the Moon Stone.
  3. Level Up Pyramind:
    • After Pyramind is holding the Moon Stone, level it up through battles or by using an Exp. Candy. Ensure that it levels up while holding the Moon Stone.
  4. Evolve into Pharaohm:
    • Once Pyramind gains a level while holding the Moon Stone, it will evolve into Pharaohm.

Please note that this evolution method is specific to the custom Pokémon Pyramind in Radical Red. Evolution methods for custom or fan-made Pokémon can vary widely between different ROM hacks, so be sure to check in-game resources, guides, or documentation specific to the version of Radical Red you are playing for the most accurate information on evolving Pyramind.

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