how to evolve propae


In Pokémon Radical Red, a ROM hack of Pokémon FireRed, “Propae” is not a recognized or official Pokémon species. It’s possible that “Propae” may be a custom or fan-made Pokémon specific to the version of Radical Red you are playing. Since it’s not a standard Pokémon, there may not be specific information available on how to evolve it.

To evolve or interact with a custom or fan-made Pokémon like “Propae,” you should refer to the documentation or resources provided with the specific version of the game you are playing. This might include a README file, a guide, or information within the game itself that explains how to evolve or interact with custom Pokémon.

If you can provide more details about “Propae,” such as its appearance, abilities, or any in-game hints, I may be able to provide more specific guidance. Otherwise, for information on evolving “Propae,” it’s best to refer to the resources associated with the version of Radical Red you are playing or seek assistance from the Radical Red community or forums where players discuss the game and its mechanics.

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