how to evolve geklow


In Pokémon Radical Red, a popular ROM hack of Pokémon FireRed, Geklow is a unique Pokémon with its own set of evolution requirements. To evolve Geklow into Gloweon, follow these steps:

1. Level Up Geklow in a Cave Area:

  • Geklow evolves into Gloweon when it levels up while inside a cave area. Make sure Geklow is in your party, and then go to a cave or dungeon location within the game.

2. Level Up Geklow:

  • While inside the cave, level up Geklow through battles or by using an Exp. Candy. Keep Geklow in your party and gain experience until it levels up.

3. Evolve into Gloweon:

  • Once Geklow gains a level while inside the cave, it will evolve into Gloweon.

It’s important to note that the specific cave locations where Geklow can evolve may vary depending on the version of Pokémon Radical Red you are playing. Therefore, refer to in-game resources or documentation specific to your version of the game to find suitable cave locations for evolving Geklow.

Always keep a backup save before attempting evolutions or significant changes in the game, as ROM hacks like Pokémon Radical Red can sometimes have unique evolution requirements and unexpected outcomes.

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