how to cut a player in retro bowl


In the mobile game Retro Bowl, you can release or cut a player from your team if they are not performing well or if you need to free up roster space for better players. Here’s how to cut a player in Retro Bowl:

  1. Access Your Roster:
    • Open the Retro Bowl app on your mobile device.
    • From the main menu, select “Roster.”
  2. Select the Player to Cut:
    • Scroll through your roster and tap on the player you want to cut. This will bring up their player profile.
  3. Cut the Player:
    • In the player’s profile, look for the option to “Cut” or “Release” the player. This option is typically located at the bottom of the player’s profile screen.
    • Tap on the “Cut” or “Release” option.
  4. Confirm the Cut:
    • The game will usually ask you to confirm your decision to cut the player. Confirm the action, and the player will be released from your team.
  5. Manage Your Roster:
    • After cutting a player, you will have an open roster spot that you can use to sign a new player or make other roster changes.
  6. Sign a Replacement (Optional):
    • If you cut a player to free up a roster spot, you can sign a replacement by going to the “Sign Player” option in the main menu and choosing a player from the available options.

Keep in mind that cutting a player in Retro Bowl is a strategic decision. It’s important to consider the player’s skills, performance, and the overall needs of your team when making roster changes. Additionally, be mindful of your team’s salary cap, as some players may have contract obligations that impact your team’s budget.

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