how to customize mycourt 2k22


In NBA 2K22, MyCourt is your personal basketball court where you can practice, hang out with friends, and engage in various activities. While the level of customization in MyCourt is not as extensive as in other modes of the game, you can still personalize it to some extent. Here’s how to customize your MyCourt in NBA 2K22:

1. Access Your MyCourt:

  • Launch NBA 2K22 and load your MyCareer save file.
  • From the MyCareer menu, select “MyCourt.”

2. Change Your Court Design:

  • In NBA 2K22, you have the option to select different court designs and themes. These themes may change the overall look of your MyCourt.
  • Go to the “MyCourt Options” menu to explore available court designs and themes.
  • Choose the one you prefer and confirm your selection.

3. Decorate Your MyCourt:

  • You can add some personal touches to your MyCourt by placing various decorative items like basketballs, furniture, and more.
  • Access the “Decorate MyCourt” option from the menu.
  • Browse through the available items and select the ones you want to place in your MyCourt.
  • Arrange and customize their placement to your liking.

4. Invite Friends:

  • Your MyCourt can be a social space where you can hang out with friends and teammates.
  • Invite friends to your MyCourt by sending them an invitation. You can do this by opening the in-game phone and selecting the “Invite to MyCourt” option.

5. Play Mini-Games:

  • In MyCourt, you can play various mini-games like HORSE, one-on-one, and other basketball-related challenges.
  • Enjoy these mini-games with friends or practice your skills alone.

6. Use the In-Game Phone:

  • The in-game phone in NBA 2K22 allows you to access various features, including customizing your MyCourt.
  • Use it to manage MyCourt settings, invite friends, and interact with other MyCareer features.

7. Earn VC:

  • Virtual Currency (VC) is essential for customizing your MyCourt and purchasing decorative items.
  • Play MyCareer games and complete objectives to earn VC, which you can then spend on enhancing your MyCourt.

Remember that the level of customization in MyCourt is limited compared to other modes in the game, and you may not have the same degree of customization as you would in other player housing modes in different games. Nonetheless, personalizing your MyCourt can make it a more enjoyable and unique space in NBA 2K22.

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