Changing Your Name After Divorce

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divorce lawyer near me

After a divorce, many people decide to reclaim their pre-marriage identity by changing their names. This process varies, relying on different state legal guidelines, but it usually has several steps to undertake a new name legally. Consulting about this matter with a divorce lawyer. In order to find the best one, you can search for divorce lawyer near me on the web, and you will come across various lawyers. 

Every State Has Different Laws Regarding Name Change Process

Each state has its laws for changing your name, and these rules can be very different. Before changing your name after divorce, it’s important to learn about the laws in your state. You can do this by doing research online or by talking to an attorney who has a background in family law. 

File Petition For A Name Change

Knowing the steps involved in filing the petition for name change is necessary for doing it by saving your time and energy. They are:

  • Start by getting information about the specific requirements for name change petitions in your state. Each state has its procedures and forms; you can find them on your local court websites.
  • Try and get the appropriate petition from the court or online. Complete the form accurately and carefully, providing your current name, preferred new name, the reason for the change (divorce, etc.), and any other additional information requested.
  • Gather all the necessary documents to support your petition, such as a copy of your divorce certificate or identification documents. When submitting a petition, be sure to include these in your petition.
  • Submit the completed petition and assisting files to the correct courtroom in your jurisdiction. You may additionally need to pay a submitting charge at this time, which can vary depending on the region.
  • After submitting the petition, the court will assess your request. This process may also take several weeks, during which the court can request extra records or schedule a hearing.
  • If the court approves your petition, you may receive a direct court order granting the name change. This order is a record that you could use to replace your identification and information along with your new name.

Which Documents Do You Need To Do It?

There are also some basic documents you may need during the process.

  • Certified copy of your birth certificate.
  • Certified copy of your marriage certificate.
  • Certified copy of your divorce decree (if changing your name after divorce).
  • Any other documents required by the court in your jurisdiction

In some states, you may be required to publish notice of your name change in the local newspaper after the application has been submitted.

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